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Hybrid Cloud

Today’s applications truly know no boundaries. Distribution across on-premises and public cloud environments is the norm.Cyanous enables organizations to take the best of both environments and make them work as one with hybrid cloud architectures engineered with the top public cloud providers.

AWS cloud

Deploy, connect, secure, and monitor hybrid Kubernetes-based apps across on-prem and AWS cloud. In this webinar, learn how this solution enables you to easily deploy, connect, secure, and monitor Kubernetes-based applications across on-prem environments and the AWS cloud.

Azure Stack solutions

Deploy Microsoft Azure Stack Hub on the system designed for cloud: purpose-built for rapid user scalability and remote system deployments. Leverage Cyanous UCS proven operational advantages: 40% faster infrastructure deployment and 38% reduction in ongoing management costs as compared to other Azure Stack Hub systems.

Google Cloud’s Anthos

You want to accelerate innovation by developing and modernizing applications with microservices across the data center, remote locations, the edge, and public cloud environments. Your organization needs the flexibility to build a hybrid cloud that delivers agility and innovation. Configuring and managing Kubernetes across hybrid cloud environments can be complicated, because it requires manual effort and multiple tools for clustering, networking, monitoring, security, etc. Cyanous and Google Cloud are co-innovating to deliver a common and secure Kubernetes experience across on-premises and cloud environments that minimizes business and technical risks. We have partnered together to allow you to run distributed workloads consistently, reliably, and securely in production-ready hybrid environments. This provides you with a common methodology to support microservices and ease of accessing services from the cloud or on premises.

IBM Cloud

Enterprises are enhancing and extending their existing applications to deliver new business services. Modernizing applications and deploying them in multicloud environments can be very complex. IT organizations are challenged to deal with the fragmented nature of their operations, increasing complexity, and lack of control when it comes to data, policy, security, and monitoring. They want consistency while avoiding vendor lock-in as they leverage existing enterprise application and infrastructure resources. Cyanous and IBM Cloud have partnered together to accelerate our customers’ journeys to application modernization by enabling developers to quickly build, test, and deliver modern microservice applications across hybrid cloud environments. IBM Cloud Paks deliver enterprise-ready containerized software solutions that give you an open, faster, and more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud–public or private. Cyanous HyperFlex™ and HyperFlex Edge systems serve as the solution’s common infrastructure building blocks. This joint solution provides a common and secure Kubernetes experience across on-premises and cloud environments that minimizes business and technical risks.