cyanous security experts develop a personal approach to each customer based on best practices and enriched with our own experience. Think big we make IT possible.


Cybersecurity Services – Protect Your Applications and Network

Cyanous offers a variety of services from information security consulting to assessing, testing and improving the protection of applications and networks for companies operating in healthcare, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications, and other industries.

Our security experts develop a personal approach to each customer based on best practices and enriched with our own experience. We are ready to support our clients at all project stages.


We offer our customers a variety of cybersecurity services to:

●   Significantly reduce the number of security weaknesses in web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well as in our clients’ networks.

●   Ensure their constant compliance with appropriate regulations and standards (PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA).

Security assessment and planning

●   Information security consulting

●   Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components

●   Stress testing: emulation of DDoS / DoS attacks

Application security

●   Security code review

●   Mobile device management and mobile application management

●   Cloud security

●   Web application security

Network protection

●   SIEM

●   DDoS protection

●   Email security

●   Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting

●   Antivirus protection

Information security consulting

Our security experts will consult you on the possible ways of monitoring the robustness of your cyberenvironment against security threats, detecting vulnerabilities in your network or apps, improving the performance of your information security solutions, and ensuring the protection of your sensitive data.

Security testing of IT infrastructures and its components

We uncover security loopholes in the components of our customers’ IT environments. ScienceSoft’s security team carefully checks the protection level of your IT infrastructure and defines measures to reduce the number of security weaknesses inside your network and apps.

The complex of security testing services includes:

Infrastructure security audit

Our security team assesses your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities in the following areas:

●   Security policies and procedures.

●   Security monitoring tools.

●   Physical access control.

●   Configuration management.

●   Version control.

Compliance testing

Our security engineers perform automated and manual scanning of your IT environment and its elements to ensure your compliance with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulations and standards. On the basis of the testing results, the security team provides you with a detailed attestation letter.

Vulnerability assessment

Cyanous performs automated and manual security evaluation to detect vulnerabilities in their customers’ IT infrastructures. Our security testing team identifies, quantifies, and ranks network security weaknesses. Based on the assessment results, we give our customers recommendations to help them to eliminate security risks.

Stress testing: Emulation of DDoS / DoS attacks

Cyanous security testing team evaluates the stability of your infrastructure and its components by testing it beyond normal operational capacity with the use of special tools such as Siege and Apache JMeter. We apply our expertise to emulate denial of service (DoS) or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against your network or applications to:

Application Security

Poorly coded and insufficiently protected applications can put a company at risk and result in data breaches. Cyanous offers their skills and knowledge in assessing and testing the security of applications (web, mobile, desktop), as well as finding ways to help their customers to achieve the effective protection of the corporate data stored locally or remotely.

Security code review

Each programming language has its quirks that may cause security flaws during the development phase. ScienceSoft’s security experts detect existing loopholes before your applications ‘go live.’

Our security engineers conduct automated and manual security code review and engage senior developers and architects (if needed) to help you to:

●   Detect mistakes introduced into an application during its development to improve software quality and increase its protection level.

●   Highlight weak points in the source code of your app where vulnerabilities may potentially occur.

●   Find the most cost-efficient ways to eliminate security weaknesses identified in applications.

Mobile device management and mobile application management

With the proliferation of mobile devices, mobile applications and programs used within corporate networks, enterprises face the need to manage and secure their usage. Cyanous offers their expertise in applying the appropriate device management policies and implementing control measures to the installation of new mobile apps.

●   Ensure the compliance of devices (both corporate and personal) and applications with your internal security policies and requirements.

●   Control how your employees exploit and share corporate information via their mobile devices and the apps they use.

Cloud security

Cyanous helps their customers to secure their cloud solutions. Being a Gold Microsoft Business Partner, we have the necessary experience to tune special security components, such as Azure Security Center, allowing security management and threat protection across cloud workloads.

●   Constant and efficient monitoring of the security of your cloud applications.

●   Analysis of the event logs from your cloud solutions and prompt detection of suspicious activities.

●   Remediation of security weaknesses potentially existing in your cloud environment.

●   Application of the necessary security policies to make your cloud solutions meet the appropriate security standards.

Web application security

Cyanous security experts ensure proper protection of a website, a web app, or web services.

●   Our security testing team carries out vulnerability assessment to check whether the proper encryption, authentication and other security measures are applied in a web app, a web service or a website.

●   Upon the evaluation results, our security engineers provide customers with valuable recommendations on how to improve the protection level of their web solutions.

●   We offer penetration testing services (as a one-time or a regular service) to provide customers with the detailed information on real security threats they may face and identify the most critical security weaknesses to let our customers prioritize remediation measures and apply necessary security patches.


By increasing corporate network security specifically, you may decrease the risk of becoming the victim of privacy spoofing, identity or company’s proprietary information theft, Man-in-the-Middle and DDoS attacks.

We apply multiple defense layers to protect your corporate network and the sensitive data stored within it. ScienceSoft’s security engineers know various ways to keep your proprietary information safe and reduce the probability that you will have to experience successful attack attempts against your network.

DDoS protection

In case a company decides on applying a special online solution, such as CloudFlare, to protect their network against DDoS attacks, Cyanous has the security experts with the skills in implementing and configuring such solutions properly. Our security engineers set them up to:

●   Prevent disruptions inside your network occurring due to anomalous amounts of malicious traffic.

●   Keep the components of your IT environment in a high availability state.

●   Analyze cyberattacks quickly in case they occur and let you adjust the security policies applied inside the corporate network to avoid such cyberattacks in the future.

Email security

We can help our customers to keep their corporate information safe in email communication and secure from unauthorized access, loss, etc. ScienceSoft’s security experts will protect your network from phishing, spamming, malware, and other attacks against email services. Having worked with the solutions offered by major vendors, such as FortiGate and Cisco, we’ve gained the required experience to:

●   Integrate an email security solution you choose into your company’s infrastructure to ensure its smooth operation.

●   Perform the tuning of the chosen email security service to prevent your sensitive corporate data from being lost or (un)intentionally shared via email by your employees.

●   Configure your email security solution properly to reduce the probability your company will face email security threats.

Firewalls, IDS / IPS, DLP implementation and setting

Cyanous security team implements and sets the security rules of special solutions to control incoming network traffic, scan it to detect and block potential attacks. We offer you the following cybersecurity measures to apply:

●   Hardware or software firewall protection to avoid identity theft, malware, online fraud, and other common cyberthreats that may come from the internet.

●   An intrusion detection system (IDS) to promptly warn your system administrators on suspicious activities inside your network, and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to block the attacks before they turn into serious security issues.

●   A data loss prevention (DLP) system to prevent critical corporate information from coming outside your network due to the users’ reckless behavior.

Antivirus protection

Cyanous security engineers configure antivirus protection to:

●   Improve the security of the network from viruses, spyware, and other types of malicious software coming from the internet or external drives.

●   Increase the protection of your network against phishing and spoofing internet attacks that aim at stealing your sensitive data.

●   Provide your system administrators with advanced control over any web activities happening across your network to prevent various types of cyberthreats from affecting the security of your corporate data.

●   Remove potentially harmful software and threats, thus blocking their way further inside your network.